download X3:Reunion Terracorps Fleet Package (TFP) by Myros, dwgh, Jensemann, siath70, eladan

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Fix for FBC tender bug - removing the homebase will now stop the FBC from trying to use it.
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TCCPTF-1.03b BETA.spk
Too numerous to list
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TCCPTF-1.03c BETA.spk
Changed FBC to use pilots until they hit Captain. Changed xp tables again for faster leveling.
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Alternative download site for official package
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Numerous. Documented in README_1st.txt in package.
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See readme file
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Bugfix for 1.47
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See readme
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FBC orphan fix. From readme: This script is a rough attempt to stop an orphaned FBC process. It should not break anything, but I have *not* extensively tested it. Only use if you have a station which refuses to restart FBC after stopping it. It shouldn
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See readme
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Hotfix for TF automove screwing up pilot details.
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Package contributed by RRRoamer (thanks mate!) - This is the 1.50 version updated for the new package manager, and incorporating the 1.50 hotfix for corrupt TF pilots after automove.
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Contribution from RRRoamer (thanks mate!) to ease some of the micromanagement of TFP. Consists of: 1. Rebuild Task Force - Adds all CP in sector to TF. 2. Collect Graduates - will collect all CP who are LtCommander or higher flying an M3 3. Pilots Read
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TCCPTF- 1.53.spk
v1.53 - Several fixes for traits. - traitrun script reincluded in package(!) - BBS start added (new installs only) where a BBS script will offer the services of a captain to start the TFP process. Commands for TFP will be unavailable until the BBS mess
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Egosoft Thread
Current site for latest releases of Terracorps Fleet Package. Egosoft forum thread